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 24 November, Monday  25 November, Tuesday  26 November, Wednesday  27 November, Thursday
 Topic: Systems Biology  Topic: Adaptive Hardware and Robotics  Topic: Complex Systems and Networks  Topic: Computational Neuroscience
 9:45-10:00  Registration and Introduction   9:45-10:00  Registration and Introduction   9:45-10:00  Registration and Introduction   9:45-10:00  Registration and Introduction
 10:00-11:15  Keynote: Daniel Polani, Information: Currency of Life?     10:00-11:15  Keynote: Ralf Der, Guided Self-organization of Autonomous Robot Behavior   10:00-11:15  Keynote: Nihat Ay, An information-geometric approach to complexity  10:00-11:15  Keynote: Michael Breakspear, Non-Gaussian Statistics of Spontaneous Cortical Activity
 11:15-11:30  Break  11:15-11:30  Break  11:15-11:30  Break  11:15-11:30  Break
 11:30-12:00  Coherent Computation in Biological Networks  (J. Lizier et al.)   11:30-12:00  Adaptive Control of Distributed Energy Management: A Comparative Study  (A. Zeman et al.)  11:30-12:00  Optimising Sensor Layouts for Direct Measurement of Discrete Variables  (R. Wang et al.)  11:30-12:00  Modelling Dynamically Driven Rewiring of Structural Brain Connectivity  (M. Rubinov et al.)
 12:00-12:30  Centrality and Compoistion of Motifs in Metabolic Networks  (M. Piraveenan et al.)   12:00-12:30  Agent-Based Algorithms for Optical Fibre Sensing Networks  (N. Hoschke et al.)  12:00-12:30  Local Assortativeness in Scale-free Networks  (M. Piraveenan et al.) 

 12:00-12:30  Distributed Dynamical Computation in Neural Circuits  (P. Gong)

 12:30-13:00  Measuring Self-organisation: Sample Applications of Computer Vision  (P. Vallotton)  12:30-13:00  Deploying Large-scale Autonomous Systems  (M. BrĂ¼nig et al.)  12:30-13:00  The influence of Real-world Environments on P2P Services: Constraints or Opportunities?  (E. Ogston and S. Jarvis)  12:30-13:00  Towards Self-organised Optimisation in Reservoir Computing  (J. Boedecker et al.)
 13:00-14:30  Lunch break  13:00-14:30  Lunch break  13:00-14:30  Lunch break  13:00-14:30  Lunch break
 14:30-15:45  Keynote: Nihat Ay, Network robustness in terms of information theory  14:30-15:45  Keynote: Ivan Tanev, Coevolution of Morphology of Active Sensing and Locomotion  14:30-15:45  Keynote: Larry Yaeger, Passive and Driven Trends in the Evolution of Complexity  14:30-15:45  Keynote: Mikhail Burtsev, Learning-guided Evolution
 15:45-16:15  Modelling Stigmergic Gene Transfer  (M. Prokopenko et al.)  15:45-16:15  In situ Genetic Programming  (P. Valencia)  15:45-16:15  Self-organizing Networks where Fitness is Determined by Synchronization Properties  (M. Brede)  15:45-16:15  Self-Organization of Semantic Networks in Natural Language Processing and Computational Social Science  (K. Alexandridis)
 16:15-16:45  Self-organisation and Selection in the Context of Stem Cell Decision Making   (J. Halley and D. Winkler)  16:15-16:45  Market-based Coordination for Field Robots  (R. Zlot)  16:15-16:45  Coordination and performances in communities of competing agents  (F. Boschetti and M. Brede)  
       16:15-17:00  Panel discussion
 17:00-17:30  GSO Program Committee meeting   19:00  Dinner    

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